We've worked on the infrastructure for years, delivering hundreds of projects in every territory.

Ground investigation for the railways sector

At GEL we understand rail; we are RISQS accredited to geotechnical and site investigation services to the rail industry. We’ve been working on the infrastructure for well over a decade and have delivered hundreds of projects in every territory. Whether it’s a couple of inspection pits for a UTX or it’s a full electrification upgrade we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you deliver your project on time.

We know that possessions are short and access is awkward. That’s why we have the strength and depth of almost 100 PTS trained primary sponsored staff to make the most of the restricted timescales and a wide variety of self-contained plant and equipment to investigate even the most difficult sites.

Our slope climbing P60 and P45 rigs were specifically designed for accessing the infrastructure via embankments and cuttings, saving you time and money on possession planning and safety critical staff. We can also supply all the ancillary equipment such as welfare, trolleys, cable avoidance equipment and lighting.

We believe the best projects are based on partnerships and early contractor Involvement so we can be with you throughout the whole process from advising you on the most cost-effective techniques and making the most of your budget, to the best approach regarding access and logistics, and accompanying you on site visits and attending contractual meetings. It’s all part of the service.


  • RISQS Accredited
  • In-house PTS Staff
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Slope Accessible Plant
  • Site Investigation
  • Emergency Works
  • Ground profiling
  • Track Bed Inspections
  • Automatic Ballast Sampling
  • Structural Coring
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Utility Surveying & Service Tracing
  • Electrokinetic Stabilisation

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These ground investigations assisted us in making timely decisions on the works required to build on this tricky site. Geotechnical worked closely with our consultant to ensure clear, accurate information was provided to us at all times"