Ground Investigation

Ground Investigation

Drilling, probing, dynamic sampling, boring, coring, augering and excavating – it’s what we do.

Whether you require a simple trial pit investigation to confirm near surface ground conditions or high quality, Class 1, rotary core samples obtained at depth, we have the in-house skills and resources to meet your requirements.

One of our proven innovations, the multi-functional Pioneer rig, can continuously sample through “soft” superficial deposits and underlying “hard” strata. This track mounted rig has proved very popular due to its compact footprint and it’s dynamic sampling and rotary coring capability. We have also incorporated this technology into limited headroom rigs and specialist slope climbing rigs; the latter, capable of traversing and working on slopes of up to 45°.

Our rigs are capable of dynamic sampling (windowless sampling) to 20m to produce continuous, lined samples of up to 112mm diameter. Upon refusal to dynamic sampling the borehole can be extended using rotary coring techniques. Traditional triple barrel coring techniques or wireline drilling can be undertaken to depths of around 100m to produce high quality cores of up to 112mm in diameter.

Our plant extends to offering concrete coring and open hole drilling techniques, together with solid or hollow stem augering. Large diameter boreholes, or limited headroom/access boring can be provided using light cable percussive methods.

Each drilling technique has its advantages and disadvantages, in terms of the depth to which it can drill, the type of sample returned and the costs involved. If you require any guidance or advice on which methodology to adopt for your project, please get in touch.

services include:

  • Trial pitting
  • Observations pits
  • Concrete coring
  • Dynamic sampling
  • Piston sampling
  • Wireline drilling
  • Open holing
  • Hollow stem augering
  • Light cable percussion
  • Rotary coring

If you require a quote or guidance on the most suitable technique, call us on 01452 527743

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