Instrumentation & Monitoring


Getting the most out of your investigation

Forming the exploratory hole is only half the story, the installation of borehole instrumentation can facilitate further in situ testing and the monitoring of ground conditions over a longer time frame. It is important therefore that the instrumentation is installed correctly.

The instrumentation may be a simple standpipe to measure gas and groundwater levels or a more complex multipoint, vibrating wire piezometer installation to measure water pressure at varying depths. In either case, the quality and accuracy of the installation is of the upmost importance and you can be rest assured that we have the necessary skills and experience to ensure a robust installation.

Our fully qualified team of technicians provide an instrumentation monitoring service; from routine groundwater and gas monitoring, to more complex data capture and logging of field instrumentation such as inclinometer and vibrating wire piezometer installations. Gas and groundwater samples can also be taken during monitoring visits.

Instruments Used

  • Standpipes and piezometers,
  • Pneumatic, vibrating wire piezometers
  • Survey points, inclinometers, extensometers
  • Well purging In situ water & gas sampling,
  • In situ groundwater quality testing
  • Monitoring: ground gas, water,
  • PID, interface, water level datalogging

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