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The “product” of a ground investigation is data. The quality and integrity of the data is essential to the successful outcome of any investigation. We ensure your data quality through the activities of our Engineering Team. This multi-skilled team comprises geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineers and engineering geologists from recent graduates to chartered professionals with over thirty years’ experience.

We have enabled our field staff with the latest tablet technologies enabling the processing and provision of data as it is recorded. Data obtained from any aspect of the investigation, from fieldwork to laboratory testing or reporting stages, can be provided in AGS format at any time.

Typically, the results from the ground investigation are finally incorporated into a report. This can take the form of factual data or a Ground Investigation Report. As a matter of course, the completed data set is also presented electronically in the form of AGS data for inclusion in BIM.

Alternatively, if you need guidance, we can assist in the design and planning of your ground investigation and provide a report inclusive of geotechnical advice. Our geoenvironmental engineers can also provide Phase 1 desk studies, conceptual ground models, ground water risk assessment, remediation strategies and verification reports.


  • Desk studies
  • Factual and interpretative reports
  • GIR reports
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental appraisals
  • Mining reports
  • Remediation strategies
  • Verification reports, Surveying and Utility Plans
  • Site investigation planning
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental advice
  • Planning compliance.

If you would like to know more about reporting or need some advice you can call us on 01452 527743