GPR Surveys

GPR Survey

Providing specialist ground investigation services since 1961

A Ground Penetrating Radar survey (GPR) provides a non-intrusive method of surveying underground features.  We combine the use of Electro Magnetic Locating (EML) with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). It is a highly cost effective, non-intrusive survey that is able to detect non-metallic as well as metallic surveys, giving real time results on site. It will also give a good indication of the depth of buried service.

Benefits of a GPR Survey:

Less intrusive than trial holes
Reduced risk utility strikes
Reduced risk of injury
Quick, real time results

Training & Experience
Our operatives are fully trained in the use of their equipment; & are accredited to the following, CSCS, SPA, PTS, BESC, National Grid & Persons, QCF level 3 – 5 Utility Surveying & Mapping, First Aid.


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Services that may be located:

  • Plastic gas mains
  • Plastic water mains
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Voids
  • Non-metallic pump mains

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