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Utility detection & mapping of underground apparatus in accordance with PAS 128 & HSG47: Avoiding Dangers From Underground Services.

A utility detection & mapping survey identifying both underground & overhead services within a specified area using the latest sub-surface technologies, so there’s less need to use intrusive methods.
The Electro Magnetic Locating (EML) is used to locate and map underground buried metallic services, whilst Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a particularly cost-effective and fast method of getting real-time information about non-metallic services & underground storage tanks.

Why do you need to undertake a utility detection & mapping survey
It' less intrusive than trial holes it reduce the risk of utility strikes. Reduced risk of injury & damage to services.
Meets HSE(G)47 & CDM regulations

Utility Record Search - It is recommended by HSG47 that prior to undertaking any below surface excavation works a Statutory Plans or Utility Record Search is carried out.
Borehole Clearance - Before breaking ground or undertaking a site investigation, Borehole Clearance or on site mark outs are undertaken.
Utility Surveys - A detailed accurate plan identifying both underground & overhead services within a specified area.
Drainage CCTV Survey - Underground pipe and ductwork from 100mm up to 1500mm diameter.
PAS 128 - A new specification created by the British Standard Institution for the utility surveying industry and was published June 30th 2014.

Training & Experience
Our operatives are fully trained in the use of their equipment; & are accredited to the following, CSCS, SPA, PTS, BESC, National Grid & Persons, QCF level 3 – 5 Utility Surveying & Mapping, First Aid.

Services Include:

  • Utility Record Search
  • Borehole Clearance
  • Utility Surveys
  • Drainage CCTV Survey
  • PAS 128

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