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What is an Underground Utility Stats Search?

Within this area of utility mapping and detection, we specialise in delivering utility infrastructure information. The Utilities Search Report we produce collates and outlines features below the surface such as gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewers and fibre-optic cables.

The exact position of the utilities should be verified by the use of suitable detecting devices and safe digging practices. Searches of utility record plans is a legal requirement prior to the commencement of any excavations, see HSE HS(G)47 - “Avoiding Danger from Underground services”.

We can supplement your initial site information by carrying out an investigation of underground services using Radiodetection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Methods. PAS 128 Regulation Searches are a vital tool for anyone planning, designing, modifying or constructing and developing projects. Searches can be used as part of your due diligence process in land and property acquisition.

Service and cost

  • PAS128 Level D Compliance
  • Turnaround options from 5-10 days
  • Costs from £75 + VAT* Plus disbursements
  • Standard or bespoke service plans
  • Network of contacts reaching over 100+ utility operators across all suppliers to obtain their records.
  • A full and thorough check of utility records against search area to confirm complete record is received.
  • Both PDF (with live link to your searches} and a hard copy issued. You have the option to convert into a CAD file for an additional fee.

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